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Cheapest And Live Hidden GPS Tracker For Car – A Detailed Review

There are many different kinds of tracking device, and they all have their own way of sending you their location information. One of the most popular type of Hidden GPS Tracker For Car gadget is one where you are not tied into any kind of contract, but you just pay a small fee when you want to know where the tracker is.

So just to be clear, well explain the 2 main types of Hidden GPS Tracker For Car that can give you live tracking information.

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car with Monthly Fee: The first type is a GPS tracker where you pay a monthly fee (usually with a contract) that gives you real-time and live tracking information of where the tracker is at any time.

The advantage of this type of tracker is that it gives you constant location updates without any effort. However, this can be an expensive method of watching your tracker.

No Contract GPS Trackers There are indeed GPS trackers where there’s no contract, where you request the location of the tracker when you want to know where it is. Essentially you just pay when you want the location of the tracker. As a result, these types of trackers make for a very cheap tracking device for vehicles.

How Hidden GPS Tracker For Car Work

The tracker is usually a very small GPS tracker, with a GSM modem and a battery. GSM modems are basically a cut-down version of a mobile phone for sending and receiving data over the mobile phone networks. The way it works is a combination of GPS, text messages, and telephone calls.

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

This is how it works:

Install a cheap standard Hidden GPS Tracker For Car sim card into the GPS tracker, so that it can send you an SMS (text) message with location details.

You covertly install the mini GPS tracker on a car or other vehicle.

When you want the location of the tracker, you call the tracker, let it ring, then hang up.

You will then receive a text message with the location details.

Enter these longitude and latitude co-ordinates into a tool such as Google Earth. And there you have the tracker location.

So the tracker is really easy to use, but its one of the cheapest GPS tracking devices you can buy. Your only ongoing cost is the cost of a text message, which is usually 10 pence or less (£0.10) each time you want to know the location. Much cheaper than £10 to £30 every month for subscription services.

We recommend the Personal Mini GPS Tracker as our preferred Contract-Free GPS Tracker, as its very easy to use, but also has these excellent features:

Rechargeable Battery So you don’t waste money on throwaway batteries, a single charge gives you up to 2 days of tracking.

Very compact The tracker measures only 65 x 45 x 17 mm, so its very easy to conceal to avoid discovery.

Geo Fence Mode The tracker will send you a message if it leaves a specified area. This means you can set the tracker up to let you know when it moves away from a safe area. e.g. if a vehicle gets stolen.

Rechargeable in the Car The tracker can be charged up with the appropriate cable inside a vehicle, which will help with longer-term monitoring.

Different Types Of GPS Trackers

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a useful technology that comes in handy in various ways. It can be used to find out exactly where you are in the world, it can be used to get you to point A to point B, it can be used to track someone and find out where they are, and GPS is also a useful tool to keep your valuable possessions in your possession in case they are ever stolen.

Just as there are several uses for GPS, there are also several kinds of GPS trackers for different circumstances, devices and even pets such as dogs and cats.

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