Covert GPS Trackers

For those who want to keep a close eye on someone without being obvious, a covert GPS tracker is the way to go. Spouses who suspect their husband or wife of infidelity and want to snoop will find these especially useful and so will parents who want to make sure that their kids are where they say they are.

These small GPS devices are pocket-sized, accurately determine the location and is updated every second. These can be used to determine where a person stopped, how fast they were going and even how long they stopped.

Just be sure that the tracker is hidden in a good spot in order to avoid it being discovered.

Fleet GPS Trackers

For institutions that use multiple fleet vehicles, fleet GPS trackers will be a useful tool. This type of GPS tracker will be great for pizza delivery businesses who want to be able to tell customers exactly how long their order will be and exactly where it is. These kinds of trackers are also a good way to keep track of lazy or under-performing employees. Owners can even be alerted on their mobile device if a vehicle leaves a designated area or exceeds a certain speed.


Personal GPS Trackers

Personal GPS trackers are mainly used to help get us from one point to another and also to let us know exactly where we are. In modern times cell phones have their own GPS device installed in them and they can also be bought on their own and attached to the windshield of our vehicle. There are some technical difficulties with personal GPS trackers such as difficulty pinpointing your exact location. The reason for this is usually because the antenna doesnt have a clear and direct line to the sky.

GPS Trackers for car

Motorbikes thefts are common and unfortunate, but with a GPS tracker if your bike is ever stolen you can find it easily and quickly and hopefully without getting the police involved. There are even some GPS motorbike trackers that send out an alert in the event that there is an accident.

There are a variety of uses for GPS and more are being developed and improved on everyday. Isnt there something in your life that youd like to keep better track of?

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