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You no-doubt familiar with the satellite navigation type of GPS gadgets? Well real-time GPS trackers are designed to be installed or attached to something thats not attached to you, e.g. a person, an animal or a vehicle.

GPS Tracker for Cars

So examples of things you could use a GPS Tracker for, include:

Dogs, Cats and other Pets Tracking the location of your cat or dog, in case they have a habit of going walkabout.

Vehicles Covertly tracking the location of your motorbike, car, or other vehicle in the event its stolen. This is particularly appropriate to particularly valuable vehicles.

Vulnerable Family Members Using small personal GPS trackers to monitor the location of your children or elderly family members for peace of mind.

Infidelity Tracking the location of a spouse when investigating possibly infidelity issue using a car-based GPS tracker.

Delivery Tracking Tracking the progress of a delivery consignment as it gets shipped across the country if the delivery contains perishable, vulnerable or valuable items.


Real-time GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker Software Map

A real-time GPS tracker is a device (combined with a tracking service) that gives you live location information of the GPS tracker from a location different to that of the tracker itself. So if your tracker was in Glasgow, Scotland, you could be in London, England, watching the GPS tracker move on the map on your computer.

Typically the GPS tracker uses some kind of mobile phone service (such as GPRS, GSM or 3G) to transmit the location data from the GPS module (a block of electronics) to a central internet server. You then use your GPS tracking software to log into this server from your computer to see the location of the tracker super-imposed on a map.

The information stored on the location tracking servers usually includes the time the tracker last moved, the speed it was moving, and sometimes the altitude (depending on the GPS tracking device).

Buying a GPS Tracker

Thankfully the technology for GPS tracking devices and mobile phone networks now means that tracking services are remarkably affordable. Once upon a time, GPS tracking devices were limited to military applications, but now you can easily pick up a GPS tracker for between ÂŁ50 to ÂŁ150 for domestic use.

One of the best places to find a cheap GPS tracker is on eBay. It gives you a great chance to start experimenting with a overt and covert GPS tracking without needing to spend much money. One big tip though, try to stick to UK-based sellers, as the instructions and support youll receive will typically be far higher than any cheaper Asian imports.

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